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Aspire-international – A Trusted National Centre of Excellence

Aspire-international is the new name for Careers Europe, the international division of the aspire-igen group.

Our mission is to provide information, guidance and education professionals with easy access to accurate advice related to global mobility. We have been the UK Euroguidance centre since 1992 and this has allowed us to develop a reputation as a trusted national centre of excellence, providing high quality information and advice on opportunities abroad. The quality of our work is complemented by an exceptional, individual service, driven by our team of experts. We pride ourselves on honest, friendly advice which people can depend on and we have proven our reliable expertise time and time again.

Innovative and Reliable Products and Services

Our suite of services offers a comprehensive guidance package on all aspects of living and working internationally. Whether you need information on studying and working abroad or are looking to help migrants settle into life in the UK we are able to help.

Projects & Partners

We partner with organisations from Europe and around the world focusing on career development issues. Contact us for an informal discussion of how we can work together.

Often our projects require input from professional working in the filed of careers guidance. Please check out the news pages for the latest ways to be involved in out work.

Aspire-international is a division of Aspire-igen which is a Yorkshire based social enterprise committed to changing lives for the better through learning and work

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For the past 25 years, we have successfully helped individuals, organisations and communities to achieve their ambitions by providing them with the high-quality tools, motivation and support they need, whenever and however they need it.

A leading provider of employability training and guidance

The aspire-igen group was formed as a result of the coming together of two of the country’s leading careers companies. Bradford based social enterprise aspire-i acquired igen Ltd in the summer of 2014 to create one of the Yorkshire region’s largest providers of employability, training and guidance services.

The very best independent career and training help and advice

Building on the strengths of both organisations, we have developed a strong, resilient and responsive service across the north of England, maximising opportunity for local people, stakeholders and all our staff. Our combined capabilities and geographical reach enable us to provide an unparalleled level of service across the whole of Yorkshire and beyond, ensuring that young people and adults receive the very best independent careers and training help and advice.

Working in partnership

We are extremely proud of our achievements. We work in partnership with numerous organisations in education, training, employability and skills to generate positive outcomes for a broad range of client groups from all ages and backgrounds. We work tirelessly to support the social and economic regeneration of our region, recognising the skills priorities set by our Local Enterprise Partnerships in order to promote investment in education and training that is properly informed by real labour market demand. This focus not only ensures that our clients are better equipped to understand where their future job prospects lie, but also supports an efficient and vibrant labour market.

We firmly believe that the only limit to achievement is vision, but at aspire-igen, we know that we cannot achieve our mission unless you achieve yours.

Aspire igen its all about you

Trust us to help you and we will succeed in building a better future.

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