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Our aim is for this website to become the first point of call for career guidance professionals, advisers, educationalists, trainers and strategic planners who need information on:

  • Working in Europe
  • Studying in Europe
  • Lifelong Guidance Practice and Development
  • Country specific Labour Market Information.
  • Country specific skill shortages.
  • Quick access to European Tools, Data and Careers Guidance Practice.

We have designed to site to be easy to navigate around and to access the information you need quickly and easily. Simply choose the most relevant tab and you should be able to get to the information you need. Some of the information is relevant to different users and so links have been designed to quickly get to what you need without having to come out of the Knowledge Hub.

If you need further information or advice from other professionals go to the EuroguidanceUK Community Forum to ask for help. Do keep checking the community for an answer and you may be able to answer questions raised by others.

Another useful resource is the news section where we bring you important updates on careers and guidance developments from the UK, Europe and around the world.

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