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The Future of Work

The Future of Work A collection of resources to assist planning for the digital age in the 21stC. Note: this will be updated as new information is available. The Future of Work – A new report by CASCAID supported by Education and Employers Supported by Education and Employers, CASCAID have launched their latest report The Future of Work, […]

Evaluation Methods

As part of a good strategy is evaluation both before the start of the project and also as the project commencing to ensure that the needs of the user is being met, that staff have adapted and are coping, that the financial commitment is still on target. This website is a good starting point to […]

Digital Strategy

The careers world is changing as technology progresses. Some of the limitations of using ICT for Careers is the lack of a sufficient budget and infrastructure to support intensive usage. As a Policy /Strategy Planner you may be required to produce a plan of the ‘ideal’ use of ICT in careers work. This is one […]

Digital Literacy & Digital Intelligence

When writing a strategy document, you will need various supporting argument to build your case.  Many strategies will often include some use of ICT and an expectation of digital literacy. The following links may help you adapt and compose a strategy suitable for your commissioning body and users. Global standard for digital literacy launched in […]

Data Sources

Careers Professionals, Teachers and Strategy Planners all have a need for reputable data. Advisers & Teachers will use data with clients and students to help them make sound decisions. Planners & Bid Writers will frequently need to use data evidence to justify arguments and reasons for a plan of action. These hyperlinks will take you […]

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