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Training – short modules to help you guide your clients about work or study abroad.

As careers advisers we are not expected to know everything about careers, options and routes into. We do know how to find the answers. In this section we have put together some resources which help you as you advise people about working or studying abroad. Some resources are articles specifically to ‘train’ you. Other resources […]

aspire-international latest news

June 2019 Promoting International Careers At the end of last month, Suzanne Towler hosted 13 European careers professionals for four days as part of the Academia exchange programme. She organised a variety of talks and visits, as well as arranged presentations from Jonny Lyons from Aspire2Work and Glyn Ellis from Shine. They all had a […]

Developing Information Technologies and Labour Market Information in Lifelong Guidance Toolkit

Developing Information Technologies and Labour Market Information in Lifelong Guidance Toolkit Includes Handbook on training modules for practitioners and users prepared for CEDEFOP – European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training   The handbook and access to the Using ICT for LMI can accessed here Labour Market Information Toolkit Handbook – Practitioners, Managers, Policy […]

Career Theory & Effective Practice

Guidance helps people accomplish the following goals whether they are learners planning their education, training and careers, or adults planning their careers or further training, or preparing to become more employable. Identify own talents, strengths and weaknesses, family expectations and national requirements to sort out the personal relevance of the educational and vocational options available; […]

Guidance System in the United Kingdom

OVERVIEW The UK, although often referred to as one country, is in effect four countries; England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, each with their own degree of autonomy and extending from that, their own career guidance system.  As a result each of the careers services provided, and the way in which they are provided, differ […]

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