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Resources and training for anyone helping & advising people to work or study abroad. Euroguidance is a network of careers guidance professionals. It is supported by the European Commission and has members throughout Europe. The network’s aim is to maximise the mobility and career opportunities for everyone throughout the European Union. Click here for the Euroguidance Network
Working in the EU – company websites offering vacancies working abroad. We have included this page to help you understanding the opportunities abroad.


We do not endorse any of the following companies.


Disclaimer: external websites are outside of our control for content, suitability or up to date, relevant content. Please use more than one site to check information and if possible contact the relevant organisation / institution for the most up to date, accurate information.


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Studying in the EU. Close enough to easily get home but far enough away to experience different cultures.

Information about the cost of tuition, cost of living courses taught in English etc. Click for more information – getting your degree abroad or studying abroad as part of your UK degree.

For EU apprenticeship schemes see Working in the EU.

Studying in the rest of the world. Information about visas, costs and the value of studying abroad.
Self directed training – articles, links to training materials and videos. For you to use with your clients and further research.

Fact Sheets, quizzes, lesson plans

Will Brexit change the opportunities to work or study abroad? Keep up to date with the latest information as it affects the guidance we give.
Training & Knowledge Webinars Join the Careers Community and share your experiences of guiding people who wish work or study abroad. Share your personal experience of work or study abroad on the Careers Community Testimony page. We are looking for personal statements, audio or videos which will help someone as they consider work or study abroad.

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