Training – short modules to help you guide your clients about work or study abroad.

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As careers advisers we are not expected to know everything about careers, options and routes into. We do know how to find the answers.

In this section we have put together some resources which help you as you advise people about working or studying abroad. Some resources are articles specifically to ‘train’ you. Other resources are knowledge based quizzes to help you identify what you already know and what you need to research for your job.

Starting out in guidance

A basic free course to get you started in advising people is this course from Open Learn. While the course is a few years old and is aimed at people working in schools it is still a good overview which does not take up too much time. Just click on the logo below.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the rationale for careers education and guidance (CEG) and young people’s need for it
  • understand your school’s statutory responsibilities for CEG and its links with Connexions
  • understand the basic knowledge and skills needed to help students access careers information and guidance;
  • understand the school’s CEG programme and the confidence to carry out your role in it.

Test Forms


We need your help to support people who are new to giving advice on work or studying abroad.    Perhaps you have a lesson plan or training plan you are willing to share.

We would appreciate lesson plans on these topics.

(You will receive a credit for the development of the lesson plan unless you tell us otherwise.)

For Clients

For Advisers

  • How to Research
  • Career Theories
  • Decision-making
  • Skills involved in practice
  • Where to look for Career information and Labour Market information
  • Techniques, challenges & support
  • Information and communication technology
  • Ethical issues in career advice practice


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