International HE and FE advisers

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If you are Careers advisers, Uni and FE College course advisers and teachers from countries outside the UK this section can help you with information, relevant websites and other resources to help you provide guidance or develop group work lessons.

You have access to information about working or studying in the UK. This includes official government guidelines and practical advice from careers practitioners.

  • Practical information to use in guidance such as LMI – links to learning opportunities portal, Euroguidance portal, Venture, other UK careers websites and websites featuring UK learning opportunities.
  • English language resources to use in guidance – Europass CV, videos, LMI toolkit
  • Professional Development through completion of training modules.
  • Understand the wider political and social context for UK career guidance
  • Knowledge of relevant upcoming national and international events and conferences
  • Understand best practice and get advice from other stakeholders and experts through the forum or webchat / enquiry service.

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