Integrating LMI into Careers Practice (one to one interview)

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The role of the practitioner is essential in making labour market information effective for career guidance purposes.  The integration of LMI into guidance includes the following elements:

  • 1 Select the LMI appropriate for working with a particular client – or a group of clients at a particular time;
  • 2 Mediate the LMI effectively with the client(s) during their guidance activities with clients
  • 3 Treat and respond to questions that reach the practitioners through by email, telephone, the internet, social media or other digital communication platforms.
  • 4 Make the client more independent in working with LMI


1. Has the client decided on a country they would like to investigate? If yes, then you can see the skill shortages for each European country here

If their enquiry is more about the general possibilities of working in Europe then explore what they know and why do they think working in Europe will be a better option for them? Is their knowledge of employment prospects in Europe based on facts or is it a touch of the “Yellow Brick Road” syndrome where everything will be wonderful at the end of the journey?


2. The issues that face someone willing to move to a different country to find employment or education can be similar to any client undertaking a major life change. The issues to be discussed and resolved by the client are:

Why do you want to do this and why now?

What will be better than now? Lifestyle, income, friends, etc.

What will be worse? What are you wanting to leave behind?

The costs need to be explored including the client’s financial ability to cope without income or having a lower income than now. How long can they survive?

Resilience. How mentally prepared are they for the challenges facing them – new language, new laws, loss of friends, loss of family support networks, change of income?

At what stage of moving to a new country are they? Just exploring. Committed to the idea. Have they made a plan and timetable for the move.

What other support do they need to make their decision?

What support do they need to make the move?


4. Write down the websites you use for LMI and show them how to navigate around the site to find the information they want. If they have a phone with a camera get them to take a photo of the screen. Let them use the mouse to find what they want.


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