EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals

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EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals

The European Commission has developed a tool to support the labour market integration of third country nationals. In 2017 the European Commission launched the EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals to support early identification and documentation of skills of refugees, migrants and third country nationals in 30 languages.

Based on user feedback and in order to improve the user’s experience, we recently made changes to the layout of the tool. The separate sections of the tool are now organised in a more structured way. In addition, a new configuration feature is now available to allow organisations to create their own tailor-made questionnaire, by hiding certain sections of the questionnaire that might be considered irrelevant in specific settings.

In the following weeks, we will also release the Open Source code of the tool on Joinup, allowing organisations to implement the tool in their services or extending it according to their existing needs.

At the beginning of the year we shared a video (displayed via this link) demonstrating the functions of the tool. You are invited to share this video and the link of the tool among your contacts and social media channels by using the hashtag #SkillsProfileTool and the DG EMPL account @EU_Social.

For more information about the tool we invite you to consult the following link:

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