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The careers world is changing as technology progresses. Some of the limitations of using ICT for Careers is the lack of a sufficient budget and infrastructure to support intensive usage.

As a Policy /Strategy Planner you may be required to produce a plan of the ‘ideal’ use of ICT in careers work.

This is one example which may help you in your planning.

This Labour market information toolkit has useful information for Policy & Strategy Planners on Using ICT for LMI.

You can download module 7: Developing a Digital Strategy for the use of LMI on this website. Click the above link to go to the full handbook and training modules.

A further resources for increasing the use of web based technologies in careers work is-

Careering Through The Web
The potential of Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies for career development and career support services
From UK Commission for Employment and Skills June 2010

Although the document is 10 years old the principles are still useful as we can be slow to adopt IT and new technologies.

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