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Euroguidance is a network of careers guidance professionals. It is supported by the European Commission and has members throughout Europe. The network’s aim is to maximise the mobility and career opportunities for everyone throughout the European Union. Click here for the Euroguidance Network

Euroguidance UK has been established over 20 years and is the national centre for careers guidance information in the UK.  The UK centre is based in Bradford and is managed by aspire-international*, part of the aspire-igen group based in Bradford UK.

Our aim is for this website to become the first point of call for career guidance professionals, advisers, educationalists, trainers and strategic planners who need information on:

  • Working in Europe
  • Studying in Europe
  • Lifelong Guidance Practice and Development
  • Country specific Labour Market Information.
  • Country specific skill shortages.
  • Quick access to European Tools, Data and Careers Guidance Practice.

We have designed to site to be easy to navigate around and access the information you need quickly and easily. Simply choose the most relevant tab and you should be able to get to the information you need. Some of the information is relevant to different users and so links have been designed to quickly get to what you need without having to come out of the information area.

*Aspire-international supports careers guidance professionals from around the globe.

Aspire-international is the new name for Careers Europe, the international division of the aspire-igen group.

Our mission is to provide information, guidance and education professionals with easy access to accurate advice related to global mobility. We have been the UK Euroguidance centre since 1992 and this has allowed us to develop a reputation as a trusted national centre of excellence, providing high quality information and advice on opportunities abroad. The quality of our work is complemented by an exceptional, individual service, driven by our team of experts. We pride ourselves on honest, friendly advice which people can depend on and we have proven our reliable expertise time and time again.

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